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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

17-03-2011 Mama & His Next Journey

Well, shall I write more for now?
I have recently received a few feedbacks about my blog.
My readers and some self proclaimed fans
are more interested in looking at my pictures than my writing...

Few years ago, when I started blogging,
people said the way I write is very funny
that's why they like to read my blog

Now, they say the way
I photograph in pictures is funny
and of course those pictures are also interesting...
that's why they like to read my blog...

How about another few years from now?
May be I have to follow the trend like Gossip girl
switch from text and picture messages to video...
I guess I am just treating my blog
more like a business of mine now
Not my readers' fault
more likely is mine..
because I studied business
and my major is E-business
and my minor is finance... lol!
As a business-minded person
I have to think of 'Reader Relationship Management (RRM)'
to attract new readers while maintaining existing readers..

Opss...sorry, I have written a lot I know...
Back to the business
Let's see some pictures...

Clearly, I have packed to somewhere else again~
That's why I wanna say...
I won't be updating my blog this weekend!
My actual plan was to stay at homeand
take some nice pictures about the place I am staying now
For instance,

then share with you guys about my life styles...
But just like usual,
the craziness in me took over me
and I have decided to go somewhere
after I finish my work today.

So, just a brief announcement on "I am going somewhere"
and before I end this post
just to share with u guys..
my first time appearing on a TV
I mean REAL TV
not the projector with big screen for an event kind of thing


That's all for now.
I am VERY Excited!!!


  1. Congratulation for being on a real screen.

  2. lol.. ade kambing at your neighborhood! congrats! ^^

  3. @ Wendy: ha ha ha...XOXO, u will know very soon!

    @ Shaqifah: funny kan? lol...

  4. din stay at home will waste money lo, stay at home to count goats la, haha

  5. @ Marilyn: ha ha ha ha...actually i got something to do in KL next week. that's why I go back home first :)

  6. wow~the best environment ever~~got goat around instead of cats and dogs~kakaka

  7. ha ha ha
    cats and dogs part...
    I will tell you next time!

  8. as encouragement, i like ur writings. ;)

  9. ha ha...encouragement????
    nevermind...I am fine with honest comment one~ lol


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