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Thursday, October 26, 2017

26-10-2017 Bong & His First 1KG Pork Dinner

On our way home,
we stopped by different kind of shops...
for more shopping.
From Christmas decorations,
to erotic shop...
Not to forget,
we also stopped at a restaurant
to enjoy a drink on the street...
Arne ordered a mojito 
while I ordered their typical czech beer Staropramen!
Cheers for a nice sight-seeing tour today!!!
Beer in Czech Republic is super cheap!
A glass of beer costs around 25 Czech kroner
to 45 Czech kroner,
depends on location and standard of the restaurant.
After spending almost 2 hours on our way back to the hotel,
we finally reached our destination
and got our room!
The room is rather big,
and we got our own little kitchen too!
Bathroom is okay too....
but the lift is really scary!
The lift is so small that
it can't take more than 3 people I think...
We had a small rest,
then we went out for dinner hunting....
We wanted something local,
so we chose this very localish
basement restaurant.
and ordered their Czech specials,
instead of burger and fries.
We ordered braised beef with vegetable-creamy sauce, 
cranberries and bread dumplings,
and also baked pork knuckle marinated in dark beer,
mustard and horseradish. 
A total of 1kg pork meat,
and we, or I...managed to eat it up!
The restaurant name is Restaurace u českého lva.
If you google it,
the English name is At the Czech Lion!
What a special name!
The whole dinner,
food with red wines
and a jager shot
didn't cost us more than 610 Czech Kroner (About 300 NOK).
The next day,
we went to a nearby cafe shop
for a simple breakfast.
Baguettes, coffee and juice
costed only 170 Czech Kroner (60 NOK).
In Norway, 
we probably only managed to get 1 baguette! 
We bought a post card for Knut,
something that we always do when we travel...
After the breakfast,
I bought a 24 hours public transport ticket for us,
and our day 2 sight-seeing started from taking this tram....
To be continued....


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