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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

13-09-2011 Mama & Group photo

This week
the theme is about embodying others culture...
and you were shot in group in Taiwan Aboriginal clothes~

Let's call out the engineering group
(From left)
Yuan Wen, Amy, Evelyn and Hui San

Andre: What I like about this pic is ..I couldn't recognize who is who...and I love that!

Nigel: You are working together extremely well......
But I guess your body language is a bit dull
and I am gonna start with Hui San...
I like your hair going down and the soft look in your eyes but I think you need to work on your pose more..

Guest judge: I agree with Nigel...your pose doesn't say fashion...but your face looks fantastic.

Tyra: Yea..I think you look a little bit too relaxed here...I wish you have more tension in your body, because I feel like the other girls are really doing a connection but you are just surfing in the middle, like not boring but not fire either!

Nigel: Yuan Wen, why are you looking so worried?

Yuan Wen: I..I know at the beginning of my photo shoot, I was giving like animalistic feel to my eyes but then Mr Jay told me to bring it down or

Tyra: So how do you think your pic?

Yuan Wen: I think my body language can be a little bit better.

Tyra: I think is fabulous~

Nigel: I think you rock in this pic...the look in your face the power in your eyes and if you can bring that kind of power to judging, i may well book you!


Tyra: Well, next I will call out Technology group
Tian tian Hao Thian, Mei Le, Xiao Min and Bongie...

Nigel: Well, I have nothing to say...Bong you steal the shot...
My eyes go straight to you...
and to me this is your best picture so far.

Stop it!

I have never in my life yelled at someone like this!
When my mother yells like this it's because she loves me...
Sexygrandma loves sexymama....
I was rooting for you,
we were all rooting for you!
How dare you!
Learn something from this!



  1. LOL!! omg your parady is so alike to ANTM! i can really imagine nigel barker commenting on our taiwan pics..

    eh, i like Engineering group's headdresses, so much more geng than ours! only Bong's headdress can fight with them, how come we never noticed this at "jiu zhu wen hua chun"? hmm..

  2. Mei Le...because I already watch i dont know how many times and I can almost memorize what they say
    I think diff season got diff head pieces...that's why ours were limited a bit..theirs were more flowery...more...ting ting tong tong kind of stuffs///

  3. lol! i can imagine the way tyra say them word by word! :D

  4. In my opinion sexymama outshined himself becoz he is the only male in the group. but in fact the other 3 girls are all shooting better. and ICT BIS group photo is much better than the engineering girl's, ICT BIS girls r posing while engineering girls r jz standing. no offense but tat's what i see from the photos. cheers~

  5. @ Shaqifah: because those are what I imitated from ANTM that cycle that episode..the one Blonde VS Brunette.

    @ Anonymous who We all know who you are aka Thian Mei Fang: Don't la make a comment which is so obviously from you! next time put ur name k?


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