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Monday, March 21, 2011

21-03-2011 Mama & His Next Next Journey

After you have seen
which was back to hometown
Now you must be wondering
Where is he now?
he was supposed to spend one week in Permata Bangi actually.
But the program got cancelled.
he had to drive back to...

Ah...a bit too far la!

Another one!

Okay! Got it!
Kerteh (Terengganu)

Along the way..
He was a bit sad :(

Because his original plan of
giving his UTP friends a BIG surprise
has already gone out of the window...
Felt so sorry to his beloved counterpart!

he is always positive thinking~
Actually not that bad right...
he managed to see his family last weekend!
SO, smile back~

how to go from Bangi to Karak highway ar?
Damn it! Is he lost?

Nevermind...I got GPS
Faster set!

Okay...on the right track already...

Mama's little tips:
Taking picture by yourself while driving is extremely dangerous,
so it is not advisable for anyone to do that..
The road that I was driving wasn't busy
and it was only a straight road.
That's why I took some pictures
for my blog purpose...


  1. lol.. the pictures were extremely cute!
    and i like the advice too. it is really very dangerous for doing that!

  2. @ Wei Han: Thanks for the comment..the original purpose was to take some pictures 'proving' that I was on the way back to my new home (Kerteh), but then I realized taking some pics could help me kill the boredom ended up taking some 'feeling expressing' picture of myself. Wkaka!

  3. Agree with Wei Han. Even though you look really cute in those pictures, but you still have to be careful while driving.


  4. :s
    gam dou dak!!
    but like the way u write ur blogsss~~
    keep it up ..but dun take photos while driving anymore nah~~

  5. @ S: Thanks...advice noted!

    @ Pek Kee: you me yeh hai hm dak geh?

  6. 敷衍咯。。just take a few picture nia..LOL.

  7. @ Cyang: i was driving many pictures do u expect me to take? wkakak


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