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Monday, September 13, 2010

14-09-2010 Wendy Thian Mei Fang

This post is dedicated to two girls that I know from UTP
they are both from Bintulu
One wants to be in my blog
and another one said she doesn't want to be in my blog
but the truth is
when I told the latter that
my latest post was about her but it turned out that there was nothing about her at all
she sounded kinda disappointed
so the conclusion is...
everyone wants to me in my blog...

First, let's talk about the girl who wanna be in my blog.
Well, she is a very nice girl...
One thing that makes her so unique is...
She never(or rarely) said no to me when I ask her to hang out..
Plus, she is also the one who always ask people to go out and spend money
That's how she earns the title of
"Mother of Hang out"
Luckily she is rich enough to 'hang' so much ..
or else...
she will just become "Mother of Hangover" because of spending tooo much!
Few weeks ago,
she cooked for me and a couple of friends in my campus...
which was really nice of her
Actually I wanted to blog one post just to thank her for that
but since She wants to be in my blog too..
this post will serve these two purposes at one time.
Who is she?
Introducing our "Mother of Hang out"

And here is the food she cooked for us.

Second girl is someone who said she doesn't want to appear in my blog
because I would only write bad things about her.
that's not the truth..
I only write good things about people.
I don't have to describe much about her actually.
One pic will tell you everything.

By the way, this pretty girl has stopped using her blog long time ago.
And I have promised her ages ago that I would write one post to help her announce that.
But it seems like
not that many people actually following her blog..
so it is not in urgent at all to inform our friends about that.
(Ha~ so bitchy!)
The only thing I can still remember from her blog is the "Durian" post.

Coming up next in sexymama's next post:
Two days ago I met up with a couple of my high school friends at a place called
(The place is actually not bad)
(In the context of SG PETANI, Kedah I mean)
-must take photo next time, my high school friend please remind me-
okay, here comes the main point
someone who I think is pretty fabulous in everything he does...
commented that my blog is kinda...
regarding that,
this will be the content for my next post
telling you guys how I actually feel about
transforming from 'Bong' to 'Another Bong'.

That's all for now.
Mama is in holiday, but still lots of things to do
If I have had made little progress everyday for last week
I would not have that many pending tasks for now...
Well, Mama is sexy...but still is a normal human being
Laziness is the second thing that can described me after sexiness.
(just joking, I am not sexy at all)

Anyway, time to leave..
Stay sexy people!


  1. love the pic of you with Mei Fang. normally you are the one being hugged by other...HUGS!

  2. when will i (ex roomate) be on your blog?

  3. very funny ur post. long time never see a post that can make me laugh.

  4. can i have the pic u pretending to kiss sis? :DDD it's lovely XD

  5. @ Hooi Yee: yea, wendy's cooking is superb

    @ Anonymous: ha ha ha, Thanks. well now i am confused whether u have hugged me before or not. lol!

    @ Ex-roommate: I already blogged about u! Yeay!

    @ Wei Han: haha, well i am glad that my post can make ppl is about being happy and sexy, isnt it?

    @ Hui Fang: ha ha ha
    just save it from there =)


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