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Friday, September 17, 2010

20-09-2010 Sexymama vs Bong Way Kiat :" I officially lost you already..."

As mentioned before, this post will be about
Sexymama and Bong Way Kiat
First question,
even I myself also do not know the answer
Do "Bong Way Kiat" equal to "Sexymama"?
"Bong Way Kiat = Sexymama?"
It is not that I am confused with who I am as a person
I feel extremly comfortable being who I am
because I am not fake!
is just...
I do realize that I have different kind of personalities
(May be everyone does...but not in such an obvious way)
Like when I am with A and B
I am the sane person Bong Way Kiat
but once C adds into the group
I become crappy crazy Bong Way Kiat
which also known as 'Sexymama'

When I blog
most of the time I am writing it from sexymama's perspective.
Why sexymama? Why not Bong Way Kiat?
Well, Bong Way Kiat says he doesn't like blog that full with words..
long stories...
even they might be interesting and exciting
but those words will just make him bored
Bong Way Kiat says lets blog in a sexymama's way..
That's why my blog is like that
(Answering to my beloved sexy friend Mr Sin Kok Pei)

Back to the question.
"Bong Way Kiat == Sexymama"
"Bong Way Kiat != Sexymama"
The answer is up to you guys. I wish to know what you all think about that too
But personally, I am just who I am
Mama or not...
the most important thing is enjoying every single moment of my life.
Bong Way Kiat have never changed
he just have developed more in his life..
-Credit to Aliff Omar-
To People who think the Bong Way Kiat in this blog
is no longer the Bong Way Kiat that he/she knows...
come and talk to me..
then you will know... I am still who I am
but added a little bit more of spice..
a little bit more of flavor!

Now time to get back to my work.
in 2 months time
I will be graduating from my university
and moving on to another stage of life
may be next year when you see me
I am no longer sexymama anymore
I might be...
who is still sexy
who know?

-LATEST update-
Yesterday night before I and my roommate went to bed
he asked me
"Is there anything you wanna update?"
(well, we do have pillow talks sometimes)
I answered "No" last night
but now it is a Yes
because I just found out that the person who I think I might have chance to be with
has just updated the relationship status to in relationship with
well, no more Bangkok in October already I guess.
it is a relationship that does not worth to be invested in.

你已经远远离开 我也会慢慢走开
我真的没有天份 安静的没这么快
我会学著放弃你 是因为我太爱你

Bye for now
Stay happy stay sexy.
Lots of love


  1. I am the comment again~
    thx for my support,ur blog become so "popular"
    for me, sexymama just a nickname la..u r always the bong I know. Sometimes seriuos and sometimes "high"LOL

  2. how are u Mr Bong?
    another nice post about yourself
    well there is one thing that never going to change in you, which is your innocence+naiveness.
    the combination of them makes you a cute and sexy boy. =)

  3. I feel that u have changed.
    however i dun really know the 'before' u, maybe the 'before' and 'after' u are still the same. lol

  4. @ CYang: ha ha ha...of course sexymama is just a nick
    i can never be a Mama
    anyway, did u do anything to make my blog popular?

    @ S: I am good..thanks for your comment

    @ Wei Han: ha ha, what are the changes that u have noticed? anyway, do u like the 'after' me?


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