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Monday, September 6, 2010

07-09-2010 A man who I met 3 years ago

Three years ago at a club at KLCC area.
That was my first time clubbing in my entire life.
and as I remember
that feeling was not good at all
My friend who brought me to club even criticized on my outfit
because it was so...not clubbing'ish.

Well, what do you expect from a virgin who never stepped into a club?
I was sooooo freaking uncomfortable for the first 3 hours in there
My friend asked me to dance
but I could only move my upper part of my body like a little chicken
And I saw couples kissing all around the club,
the dance floor,
outside the restrooms,
on the couch ...

I was like OMG...
then I found myself a place which is much quiet to sit.
Here came this person who was sitting next time
started to hold my hand
and asked
"Is it your first time here?"
" do u know that?"
"Well, I have been observing you after you entered the club...You just look like you don't belong here"
That's how I started to know this guy.

He brought me to Marketplace on Saturday night.

A place who I have heard of many times...
but I don't have the courage to go there
because the people there are all like gorgeous creatures..
I just don't want to look stupid in there.
The clubbing part is not important at all...
because I still didn't feel like i fitted in there...
May be if I were with my close friends I would be much more comfortable
and just let go...
what amazed me was his superb memory
When he picked me up at Bukit Bintang,
he told me he remembers that I was in my first year when I met him the first time
the details of our conversation three years ago( which remain secret here) really sort of freaked me out...
but in a good way =)

He saw me not that comfortable in the club
and he asked to go back early.
Well, that totally saved my life!
Whatever it is,
I enjoyed the night a lot.
but that's not the reason why I was late to Rawang the next day.

What's coming on my next post:
-two girls from the same hometown
-One wanna be on my blog but another one does not!

Stay tuned and stay sexy!
Mama needs some rest after my tiring KL trip.
to my Muslim friends
"Selamat Hari Raya"
and to my other friends
"Happy Holiday!"


  1. updated than me... i never been to MP leh...

  2. I really wish that I could go to club with you one day. I bet you dance like a sexy innocent devilish angel all wrap up in one. Kissss...

  3. @ 夜鬼:ha ha, next time we go together okay?
    some other friends in forum too

    @ S: Thanks...sure we can club together one day =)


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