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Thursday, March 3, 2011

04-03-2011 Mama & PIPE Week 2

what did Mama do in week 2 of PIPE?
Sorry for updating it late...
because Mama is really busy
and tired..
Keep it simple this time
these are what PIPE 72 (our batch)
did in week 2~

Putri (same group with her in making Olympic Ring)

-Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-

Preparation - "Packaging Goodies Bags"
-'Shy'ful , Imran and Yong Lin

Mr Captain giving speech~

Shea Nee - The aerobic instructor

Niensi and the girls ~

The guys

The gardeners, lol

The "hard" part
(From left: Imran, Keano, Zakuan)

The "heart" part~
Viveon and Shahul as facilitators in class

Mural (Before)

Mural (In progress - Don't I look FIERCE! Lol)

Mural (End product!)

I bet Rozaime is looking at this picture now!

Who wants ice-cream???

and lastly,
PIPE 72 group photo!

Bye~ Cucite2!!

-Plant Visit-

-Mega Challenge!-

eat banana, eat banana!


-Still Photo Competition-

Theme: Tsunami

Theme: World Cup~

Theme: Malay wedding ceremony

Theme: Giving birth!

-Finale Presentation-

Group 1: ANTM PIPE 72 style

Group 2: A very cute video clip

Group 3: Concert???

Our group did Choral Speaking

plus Dikir Barat!

Some of my friends who are going to PIPE soon
also wondering how's the food there
so, there you go!


-Some friends that I have made in PIPE 72-

Barbie Ai Kim
(She reminded me of Hooi Yee, UTP and also Hooi Yee, Sin Min)

Hakim + Jake (Both also super cute, in different ways of course)

Ali, me and Ria

Here comes my staff card!!!!
(not so sexy right? lol)

That's all for week 2 PIPE 72~

Next post
shall be about Mama's new life right?


  1. nice post Bong :)

  2. cant wait to hear about your life in kerteh!

  3. very soon. I promise =)
    now i got good internet at home..wkakaka!

  4. ade ste punya feel lol

  5. bong! nice one! hahas. looks like u have go through some fun weeks~ i'll try to update my blog to tell u what i go through also~ ^.^ all the best ya~

  6. thanks Leo...all the best to you too!


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