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Friday, March 11, 2011

11-03-2011 Mama & His Sea Turtle Trip

Hi again...
Here comes mama's second weekend of my work life...
I am not really going to count my weekends in future..
because it would be Nth weekends before I get retired~

as suggested in Facebook by my friends not too long ago
We went to Cherating for a picnic this weekend!
The night before,
we went to Mesra Mall for Food & Beverage committees
to purchase what they wanna have for the picnic.

- Fiza and Fitri -

the next day we met up Nisha who is staying in Chukai.
And for those who know Nisha but never been to her house..
the thing that caught the most attention IS

the amount of SHOES they have!!!

Even in the house also got another 5 pairs of SHOES...

Okay, time to Depart!

We reached Cherating around 10++am

Setting up the tent
and then

playing at the beach of course!

Eating our Brunch



After visiting Cherating beach,
we went to the sanctuary of sea turtle =)

- UTP students trip -

Not to forget,
tried some Terengganu food at Kuala Kemaman as well

- Satar (made from fish) -

- Otak-otak (made from fish) -

- Keropok Lepor (made from fish) -

- Kerang-

and lastly,

visited the fishing village at Kuala Kemaman!

- Nisha and Fiza-

and met a new friend which I really wish
I could bring him home..

I am not sure is a him or her..

that's all about Mama's sea turtle trip
This is also Mama's first time visited Pahang state actually.
A good start for my life in Kerteh I guess,
apart from the working part....

** Wanna thank Fitri for his excellent skills **
** in taking those beautiful pictures **

Sorry for mixing some bad photos that I have taken using my phone =)


  1. Nice trip Bong. Hope to see you blog more about your life at the new place in the future. :)


  2. Love your picture with the car. Looks very dreamy


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