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Monday, June 20, 2011

20-06-2011 Mama & Another Ipoh + UTP Trip

Arrived Ipoh at 4.30am
-Morning Breakfast at Ming Kok-
Dim Sum~
Tee my husband
Yoke Mun my wife

-Lunch time-

Tee's wrong demonstration of modeling a drink
(Will show you the correct one at the end of this post)

-Sing K-

The girls
From left to right
Yoke Mun my wife, Sara my new friend, Evelyn my sister aka secret lover~

The boys
The group~
Please let me sing more~ I give u money okay?

At Red Carpet
"Eddy + Vern"
"Evelyn and Amy taking pic with their idol"
Not to forget,
Thanks Neo Hui Ying for the ticket also~

-Supper (Old town)-

Next morning
or I shall say afternoon...
I and Evelyn stayed overnight at Yoke Mun's place
and we all woke up at 1pm..

and look at how I held the drink and how Tee held the drink
I was showing the product and he was blocking it~
Thanks to Evelyn for noticing that~

That's all for another weekend...
and another RM 200 gone...



  1. You look really sweet together with your husband

  2. not bad leh i got harrypotter scar...

  3. Bian Tai....first time comment talk about urself one! lol...
    u long time din update ur blog go feed the fish or not?

  4. Bongie 你的格子衬衫那套好好看哦~ 好韩系哟~

  5. 谢谢。。。我今年的服装真的要多谢那班建议去台湾的人。。哈哈哈哈哈

  6. Bonnnngg didn't know u went pon!!!

  7. 1. breakfast was yummy
    2. lunch was erk.. all i saw in the chicken picture was bones and fat. where's the meat?
    3. sorry for that day as i was quite busy 应酬 friends, so I can't attend.
    4. nex time come must invite me again, bored till death at home

  8. ha ha ha, pai se..the chicken should be wrong piece dy~
    would invite u next time for sure..huhu~
    we never sang K together yet leh


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