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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

16-08-2011 Mama & His experiences in PGB

Just going to write something about PGB
-PETRONAS Gas Berhad-
The first OPU that I joined
-Me and my boss Kartina-
The bad photographer Nik took this pic while my boss eyes' were closed...
-Our farewell lunch-
Amir and Din
Warehouse people
-Me and CUF Kerteh people-
CUF stands for Centralized Utility Facilities
basically it is the plant that supplies gases, waters, electricity...etc

Harina and Emma
-Me and CUF Gebeng team-

-From left: Nik, Kak Madinah, My boss Kartina and Me-
-My work station-
our countdown board before entering SMSO-
Shared Materials and Services Organization-
Basically it is a centralized Supply Chain Unit
for Petrochemical plants for PETRONAS
We were making jokes about resigning and retiring
simply because we were all so sad about leaving CUF
and also SCM PGB team...
I myself was remarked as treating farewell lunch everyday for the whole August
since I am the only one not fasting
ha ha ha~

I was also given the chance to be the MCee for our SCM PGB team building
Best pic of the whole team building,
reminds me of the PETRONAS advertisement
Being a real MC for the first time
and also a rapper..
adding new flavor to the traditional Dikir Barat

That's all about my memory about PGB I guess...
Many thanks to PGB as well for letting to me try on different hotels in Malaysia~


  1. I wonder how long is your hair now. Ha ha!

  2. ha ha~ now it is still very short
    well if this weekend I am going KL, you will know how long it is after i update in my blog again~


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