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Friday, August 26, 2011

26-08-2011 Mama & His Relationship Question

Am I ready for my next relationship?
My first one
which is also the ONLY previous one
I felt like I was hurt badly by her
which caused me up until now
still not too sure what I want
why am I asking here?
No one can give me the answer

Sharing a song with all who are still searching for
TRUE love

如果你被他伤的很痛 If you were hurt badly by him
请感谢他好心折磨 Please thank him for that
如果你对他感到愧疚 If you feel sorry for what you have done to him
请感谢他慷慨泪流 Please thank him for crying because of you
在我们相遇相爱之前 Before the we met and fell in love
多亏有他让你成熟 Thanks for having him for making you grown up
如果你现在孤独寂寞 If you still feel lonely now
请感谢这美丽等候 Please be thankful for this awaiting moment
如果你还在为爱犯错 If you still do anything wrong because of LOVE
请感谢还没找到我 Please be thankful that you haven't found the right one
要走完每个曲折路口 We all have to go through a lot
我们才懂爱是什麼 In order to understand what is LOVE
Uu~my LoVe~
如果庆幸我值得拥有 If you are grateful that I am worth being owned
请感谢我被放弃过 Please be thankful too that I have been given up bu others
如果欣赏我坚强温柔 If you admire me being strong and tender at the same time
请感谢那珍贵伤口 Please be thankful that I was hurt before
在我们相遇相爱之后 After we met and fell in love
遗憾都会变成收获 Regrets will become fruitful experiences and memories
Uu~my LoVe~
当我们终於紧紧相拥 When we finally hug each other tightly
所有苦难会甜美结果 All difficulties will end happily
我们就耐心逗留 We just have to wait patiently
爱会来到 在对的时候 Love will come to us, when it is the right time
Uu~my LoVe~

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