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Thursday, August 25, 2011

25-08-2011 Mama & First food review in Kerteh

After almost 6 months staying in Kerteh,
this will be my first Kerteh food review post.
Well, honestly there is not that many great food in Kerteh
but at least there is still
some 'unique' food that I never eaten before at other places...

First is this I don't know what it is called thingy
Well, it tastes really good
and seriously if anyone knows what's its name
and where can I buy it, kindly tell me!!!

Second one is a common food at the office I worked at last time
AT LEAST I ate this once per week
and it is fattening
(finding an excuse of myself gaining weight)


Notice the difference?
They added this thing
and most of the people love those crispy fried thingy
AGAIN! It is fattening and unhealthy! ha ha ha

Out of so many places that sell fried banana
this shop sells the best one
and it also has a unique name
because it doesn't have a name....

So people call it "Celah Batu"
Meaning "Gap between the stone"
Well sometimes I do wonder
who moved such freaking BIG stones to that place
but it looks kinda cute with that name describing its surrounding

That's all for now


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  1. That's Cara Berlauk! I miss that too!!!


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