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Saturday, September 17, 2011

17-09-2011 Mama and His Can't wait ANTM ALL STARS Cycle 17 Episode 2 Photos

Spoiler!!! Lol~

Let me write down my opinions first..
see whether they are the same as the judges'..
1) Camille: The post and the facial expression are great.
very commercial
2) Sheena: Great smile..but looks very similar like the one she shot
for first week cycle 11 - Voting is sexy.. a bit bla...a bit dull
3) Bre: I don't like the face...I think the angle is not her best angle
and the pose is a bit forced
4) Lisa: it is real ugly when a model opens her mouth while chewing~
She needs to learn to tone it down sometimes
5) Isis: The pose sucks and what's up with her hand at the crotch?
The facial expression can be much softer
6) Bianca: Big smile and cute!
Showing a soft side of her but the pose is a bit obvious
7) Shannon: Good look and good pose.
High fashion yet commercial at the same time
8) Laura: Sexy and high fashion.
Great facial expression.
9) Dominique: She looks good and the picture is just average.
Nothing special about it..
10) Allison: Editorial, high fashion, sexy and cute all wrap up in one!
The big dull eye is used to the fullest potential this time around!
11) Alexandria: The hunch is great but needs a little bit more neck perhaps.
The facial expression is very sweet~
12) Angelea: Looks very soft and commercial after the make over
and also in this picture. First time showing her cute side which is great
13) Kayla: The whole pose looks kinda like half way there.

My call out order:
1: Allison
2: Laura
3: Camille
4: Shannon
5: Bianca
6: Alexandria
7: Kayla
8: Sheena
9: Isis
10: Dominique
11: Bre
12 & Eliminated: Lisa


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  1. took the words out my mouth - Twiggy.Lol~