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Friday, September 9, 2011

10-09-2011 Mama and His Confession

Went through my pic collection just now...
then suddenly I realized
there is one thing that I never came clean to my friends....

Here is the story
Back in year 2008
Amy, Yoon Yeh, Chang Hua(from left)
Yoke Mun and me
+ Jui Boon
we all went to Genting for our mid sem break trip~
After we bought our midnight movie tickets,
Ms Yoke Mun insisted going to club
even though we got only an hour before the movie
Therefore...we followed
and for me,
when I drink pretty fast, I get high even faster
that's why after the movie...
we went back room
and then I went out to take water
When I returned back to what I thought was our room
I rang the bell for I don't know how many freaking times...
then I looked at the door...
damn! wrong room!
Ours should be next door!!!!

I quickly went back to our room
and few minutes later,
the next door people came and scolded us...
and that time,
we were all like
"Yea we were noisy but we never rang your bell!!" was me~ ha ha!!!

Finally the truth is revealed after 3 years...
Only now I remember I was the one that rang the bell
because to be honest,
when the next door came over and asked
I was so drunk until couldn't remember anything
even though it was what I did like few minutes ago only~

End of the story
End of my confession

Lesson learn:
no lesson learn,
because I am already a better drinker after being trained by Yoke Mun

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  1. u are a bad boy!
    Lol. Just kidding.


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