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Thursday, September 22, 2011

22-09-2011 Mama & His Trip to Thailand (Part 1)

While waiting for my next trip to
As requested by some of my friends,
I am now updating my blog with my traveling post
recently I don't have any trips going on
just because I have to save money
for my this coming trip in November.
For those who already know where I am going,
help me to keep it as a secret first..
because most of my friends
still haven't known and
I want them to guess where is the place
when the pictures are up later on~

I traveled in 3 countries in south east asia
ALONE last year for 3 weeks.
SO this post will be a detailed story of
the first country:

I firstly took a flight from KL to Bangkok
landed there and took a taxi to my friend's place
He brought me to club at night
Not to forget to watch the famous drag queen show!
and Had my first cage dancing~
I and this thai guy actually finished 2 towers of beers
but I was Still not drunk!
Of course, visiting temples can never be missed!
I took this boat
to go to the temples~
Got myself
my first singlet in my life
So that I can shop at this
-Chatuchak market-
which has more than thousand of stalls for hours!!!
My friend had to stop me
and grab me to have a drink first
That's all for Part One.
Part two will be about...
visiting the Grand Palace
and more...

For your info,
I spent less than 2 hours(I think)
to prepare for this trip .
All I did was..
print out wikitravel info
about the cities that I planned to visit
and just WENT like that!



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