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Saturday, September 3, 2011

03-09-2011 Mama & His First Boy friend and Girl friend

Started playing Sims 3 days ago
due to my super boredom during Raya Break
and now
I have my first relationship with a man
(Don't my Sims look like me~)
and awkward enough,
my first girl friend (real one)
who is my Ex now
is also playing Sims
and right now she is one of my neighbors.
For those who always want to know how my Ex looks like
this is probably the good chance to find out~


  1. LMAO! You do look so much alike!

  2. when i 1st saw ur sim, i totally impressed, he really looks like u, exactly!!!! ur house oso very bongie-ness!

  3. Why is my house 'bongie-ness'?
    it looks pretty normal what~


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