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Sunday, January 1, 2012

02-01-2012 Bong & His Christmas at Oslo

We took a bus together..
and we walked from the bus stop to our home..
I was really excited about it..
because you told me that
It was a house that full with santas!
I was shocked and excited at the same time!
Not just full with Santas,
it was also filled with some new people that I didn't know
speaking in the language that I didn't understand
But I felt like I was at home.
I woke up with a breathtaking scenary welcoming me
Listened to the song below many many times in the house
and I felt so touched because I did feel like I was part of the 'home'
Time to say goodbye to this warm-feeling house!
Sad...but I was really happy that I celebrated my
 FIRST christmas in a very traditional way~
Had lots of good food, good drinks.
and good time.


"The present that I got from the parents"
They are now accompanying me in office~


  1. waseh, ur fren is santa fans ar, so many santas de!

  2. @ Wendie: My friend's mummy is...=) did u listen to the clip by the way?

    @ Jia Lim: Yes yes...more than 200++


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