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Sunday, January 8, 2012

09-01-2012 Bong & Paris Chapter 2

Last chapter,
I was at at 
-Eiffel Tower-
Walking from Eiffel Tower to my next destination
I decided to take the train
Being at places that I didn't know their names
but everything was just beautiful
Finally reached one train station 
I realized the station was actually
much further than the nearest station to Eiffel Tower.
(I got really lost)

Reached my Third Stop in the list
-Notre Dame-

These looked like frozen statues in winter~

An old lady helped me to take this pic..
I must say
"Her skill is even better than a lot of my friends who traveled with me before"
You know who u are...Blek!

Next station:
I haven't really decided where to go next..
So, I just went back to the train station
Taking pictures at the converyor ~
Malaysia government should build 
something like that in between transit stations too!
Dropped off at a station 
as told by a personnel working at help desk
and apparently I was lost again...
at this beautiful places~

this Christmas Tree attracted my attention!
Wooo, made from plastic bottles~
I arrived at my forth destination:
-Le Marais-
As suggested by a friend of mine,
I should try Paris local food
I stepped in this shop 
and used my body language to order this 
"Crepe Du Marais"

To be continued...


  1. is the 2nd picture supposed to be a cobra?
    sigh.. feel so like 'travelling' now.. i kinda fancy France though.. all the statues look so nice.

  2. Bong, you did a marvellous job with your pics of Perth. Now you have done it with Paris. Not that I am comparing the two. But you are in a position to do so. But, please don't. Regards, Peter McG

  3. @Wei Han: I have no idea what that was also...just amazed by how the french made everything looks so breathtaking wherever I went~

    @Peter: ha ha~ well different places offer different kind of beauty. I will never said any of these outshines the other one, because both also shining in their own ways~

  4. Tat crepe is Paris's version of roti canal ba?

  5. ha ha ha ha....wendie u very pandai o~ but diff texture actually~ lol
    theirs very very thin
    actually is pancake o..


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