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Thursday, January 12, 2012

12-01-2012 Bong & Paris Chapter 3

After one piece
I continued my one day trip walking around at the centre of the city~
 I reached another famous building
"Hôtel de Ville"
and shopped a little bit at the bazaar..
Wanna know what I bought? 
Hehe...stay tune for my coming CNY post okay?
People were ice skating outdoor~
Something that I couldn't see in Malaysia~

I didn't know what this building was.
but if anyone from Paris/been there/knows it, 
please tell me okay?
It just looked amazing to me~
I mean the building and the statues!

Already 3PM.
I guess I had to leave Paris city now
and rush to the airport
Afraid of getting lost in Paris train?
Don't worry~

Before stepping into the train,
just check at the platform and see whether the station you are going
has its indication light on or not~
See! That's easy!
This guy wanna take picture with me?
 A street artist played musics in the train trying to earn money
the music was nice..but too bad I was just a poor backpacker!
 Finally I reached
"Aeroports De Paris"
(Charles de Gaulle International Airport - CDG)
My first time using Kiosk to check in my flight~
I got myself the boarding pass
and this thingy~
Before the flight departed, 
I had a "Sashimi"
The taste was really 'surprisingly' good.!
Interesting about this airport is
They have this 'elevator' thingy that you have to take 
at the time you leave the waiting hall and go into the free tax zone!

It does look like some futuristic technology that 
will send the human being to somewhere else 
and the end product will be like a machine or a robot~

Snow snow snow...
(Fake one!)
But the real one was on its way!
My first time taking another airline besides Air Asia
(Well, I took MAS too before,
but not that my memory could recall how it was)
Scandinavian flight....
my next destination ....



  1. wow, nice u can travel to there...

  2. hehe...yea it was really great! Thanks to airasia :)

  3. huh there got sashimi o? the combination so special one, bread + sashimi~

  4. ha ha ha...i am not too sure whether i ate it right...may be those are supposed to be heated up first in owen...
    then it wont become SaSHimi d..

  5. hehe Bong, shame you were not able to visit London, maybe next time, then I can show around

  6. @Martyn: Airasia is not going to fly to London anymore ;( No more chance to go Europe...

  7. @ Bong yes they do. They just changed airports, Used to be London Stansted Airport, but since October they are using London Gatwick instead. In fact when I looked the other day they had special offer prices!

    1. @Martyn:

    2. thats a shame, maybe they will start up again when fuel prices drop