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Friday, February 10, 2012

10-02-2012 Bong & Last Chapter of Chinese New Year

Continue the post on gathering session..
Started taking candid photos of the cactuses..
Ops! Jee Wen realized it!
and she started posing...
acting cute...
 Me and Cheng Yong
Okay, what is this?
Another great production from a soon-to-be designer..
Sin Kok Pei

Time for guys group photo!
and the great designer started 'playing' with my cute outfit!
Cheng Yong acted excited, which according to Siew Ting
"That's totally wrong!"
and even more... 
Let me cool down...
"He rejected me?" Lol

Pek Kee started posing...
"OMG, what is Huey Yee talking about?"
Not to forget, SS moments from
Wong Pek 
Jee Wen
Huey Yee
St Lim
12 Midnight already..
It is our Birthday Girl Amy Jwen's birthday~ 

Day 3 of Chinese New Year

Visited Huey Yee's house
Taking picture with Tommy~
and at night,
Jee Wen's house for her birthday celebration

Day 4 of Chinese New Year
Something that I love doing every now and then
KARAOKE session..


That's all for Chinese New Year this year...