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Sunday, February 19, 2012

19-02-2012 Bong & Oslo Chapter 2

Still remember where my Europe trip stopped last time?
From Paris..
To celebrating Christmas in Oslo
Then From Oslo 
to having one day trip to Sweden..

I am now back to Oslo!
Tasted few Norwegian food of course...
First one, 
In English, its name is like "Coco Bun"
The mixture of the Chocolate outside and the Cream inside
will definitely make you wanna scream...
Norwegian Sylte
and eat together with norwegian cheese
I guarantee you~
"Finger licking good"

This cat (His name is Nung) loves licking people
But he was shy when talking picture...
Caught him licking my hand again!

Time to go out and tour around now~
This picture clearly shows that
not only Malaysian can be creative!
and of course, the benefit of having small car~
We had to stop our car somewhere
because we were 'sorta' lost already~
See how icy the road was?
I was walking on...
We reached Oslo Skisenter!
Not so much snow yet at that time~
and of course,
the picture that I shared in my FB when I was there
But do you guys know 
how clumsy I was actually while walking on snow?

-To be continued-


  1. siok betul~~
    p/s: now i use my accountlo... -.-

    1. HA HA HA.... u also siok ma....snow to u very common dy~

  2. Beautiful pictures, I think I wanna go to Norway, but not in Winter time, hehe...


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