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Sunday, February 12, 2012

12-02-2012 Bong & Oslo Chapter 1 - From Oslo to Sweden

Arriving from Paris CDG
A guest welcomed me on the door
But it seemed very cool in front of camera~
See how HUGE its body is?
My first Norwegian meal
Tasted..a little bit weird
It was actually porridge :)
On the way going to Sweden
Listening to radio 
it showed the area where we were at that time...

Sky turned dark pretty fast
It was only 4pm 
The ferry at Sandefjord was cancelled due to bad weather...
we drove to Horten
(Using google map)
Following behind Trond's car
entering the ferry now~
The time we reached Sweden
it was only 5pm
but this was how it looked like...

At a shopping centre....
What's this?

They are actually candies..~
See how many kinds of candies are there???
Oh My Goodness~

To be continued



  1. y so short? lazy bongie. doesnt even entertain me for 10 sec. ~o~


  2. ha ha ha....coz i have to consider those who have limited internet bandwidth or speed... :)


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