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Sunday, March 11, 2012

11-03-2012 Bong & Norway again Chapter 2 - From Oslo to Kiel, Germany

Walking around fortress while the sun was warm 
made me felt so nice~
I love the old lamp~

What's that?
So many people were looking at it...
So pinky~
Ahha....moods of Norway~
The next day,
I was super excited because I was going to take a 
CRUISE for the first time
Walking on the corridor and
it was like there was a mirror in the middle~
We were lucky that we got a room with window~
And the first food that recommended was 
this ....

The scene was just breathtaking
Look how blue and clean is the sea?
A little cute island in the middle of the sea~
Inside the Cruise
Fine restaurant
At Donkey's bar
Tasted Murphy's for the first time
Wondering why there are people who 
wanna stay at room which can be seen by people?
Exhibitionist? Lol~
Was I drunk? No way~
I just looked red!
Out of a sudden, 
some entertainers came to the 'street' to perform some kind of show~
-To be continued-

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