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Sunday, March 18, 2012

18-03-2012 Bong & Norway Again Chapter 5 ( Germany!!)

Good Morning
After having such lovely breakfast,
finally we were approaching KIEL, Germany~
Have a look at the screen~
There will be free dancing lesson in the afternoon
at the night club??? Lol

Unlike Oslo, 
Kiel looked more like maritime industry kind of place
Walking on the street
the weather seemed pretty nice
don't get cheated by the sun
It was actually windy and cold too~
Took a break at starbucks
Beautiful church
I wish I could have my proposal at a church...
even though I am not christian~
I just believed that 
it is a place that is blessed 
and seemed romantic at the same time
AssMan? Wkakaka
My first try of Lowenbrau
Not bad actually~ 
And saw this antique toilet 
exhibited in this German Bar
Another first attempt of something 
I don't know...
OMG...44% alcohol??? 
 The person who bought me this drink 
must be hoping to see a drunk asian~ lol!
 Wait...Hm...tasted more like ....
 Oh! Ginger Soup?
Cute doll at the bar
More to drink??
-To be continued-

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