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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

07-03-2012 Bong & Norway Again Chapter 1

4.30pm 01/01/2012
I left the lovely office 
My Workstation
and headed to KLIA for my flight
What's so special about this trip is..
there are lots of my FIRST time!
 First time in the fast railway transit to KLIA
First time boarded KLM flight
Every seat has this screen that offers entertainment.
and for this one, I was actually checking the flight information~ 
*Flight from Amsterdam - Oslo*
The only thing that I remembered to take picture is
(because the transit was really rushing..
arrived Amsterdam at 6.15am 
and my flight to Oslo was boarding at 6.45am)
First time taking NBS train 
leaving airport and heading to Oslo S
(S means central, but not sentral but sentrum)
There was still snowing in Oslo!
and my Lovely homemade brunch in OSLO
Opera House
(Awarded the 2008 best cultural building at the World Architecture Festival 
and also best European Contemporary Architecture in 2009) 
Nice View of developing Oslo from the top of the building
and I like the sea gull at the left hand side of the picture~
 The building has the shape as a glacier or a ship~
Then walked to 
Akershus Festning 
A medieval castle and fortress built in 1299
 Did you see the king's guard?

-To be Continued-


  1. personal trip or for working? Oslo my dream destination

    1. Personal work wont send me there i guess... :)