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Friday, April 5, 2013

05-04-2013 Bong & Hua Hin Part 4

After having the lovely lunch,
here was where I spent a bit time 
at the beautiful Khao Kalok~

What 'amused' me was this little kid
First thing, I knew he is gonna be very interesting looking 
when he grows up..
because he has RED hair

Second thing, 
he ran forth and back to take and pour the sea water
into this hole that he had dug
he thought
he was gonna fill it up with the sea water..
PITY him...but kinda jealous because
HE had nothing to worry..
just played around and had fun!

By the way, take a look at the above picture..
see that artist with his sketch book?

I noticed he was actually drawing me~
but too bad I didnt dare to ask for the drawing..
I only managed to check and peep on it when I purposely walked by behind him~

and at night,
I had my first try Fuji Japanese Restaurant
in Hua Hin Market Village
*The green tea wasn't free flow*

I brought my first very own tab cover in the same mall
and it was VINTAGE
not because it was dirty okay? ? 
See anything strange in the below pic??

The next morning,
Time for visiting monkey...

To be continued

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