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Friday, March 29, 2013

29-03-2013 Bong & Hua Hin Part 3

Anyone knows what is this?
*wink wink*
Saw that a lot in the pond while visiting the Mangrove forest
Wherever you go in Thailand
you would see the Thai hang the picture of their King
What a sunny day to tour around Hua Hin
Besides The picture of the King
another thing that you would see frequently is the 
'little temple'
Out from the Mangrove Forest
and searching around for LUNCH!
Drying the squid~
Beach at Hua Hin
Finally reached this restaurant on the beach~
Could see the fishermen with their boats~
Camwhore a bit while waiting for the food
Garlic fried Squid
Fried fish with spicy thai sauce~
Pat (Meat with vegetables) with Khao (Rice)
A pity looking dog asking for food
After a nice lunch,
went to this beautiful beach at Khao Tao

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