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Sunday, April 14, 2013

14-04-2013 Bong & Hua Hin Part 6

This reminded me of Batu Cave~
The interior design of this temple is really great~
After visiting the temple on the hill,
time to come down 
and have lunch 
at the beach~
Lots of famous people
like musicians, actors..
dined here before too~
Enjoying the whole view of Khao Takiab from far while having lunch~
Spicy Thai Food
At night,
had this splendid dinner at this famous Indian restaurant
*even recommended by tripadvisitor*
you have to come here very early~
Ordered curry and naan
red, yellow and green!

Then went to 
another famous night market~

-To be continued- 



  1. The whole view of Khao Takiab is really great! Always a pleasure to read your posts!Somethimes I care about buying runescape accounts .

    1. thanks for the comment @Eagle Chou~ :)
      i like to share nice things that i had seen