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Friday, April 19, 2013

19-04-2013 Bong & Hua Hin Part 7 (Good bye to Hua Hin and Say Hi to Shopping Heaven)

There was stage performance
there were decorations all over this night market~
I would say it was the most 'art-feel' night market
I had ever been to...
See some nice art works
Small art galleries

The next day
it was time to say good bye to Hua Hin
and go to the next city~

This city is always full with traffic jam
But it wasn't too bad after all because 
I could enjoy the city scenery while got myself stuck in the traffic
and the most important thing was
"I wasn't the driver!!!"
Finally reached victory monument
And time to get myself some streets food because
I was starving!!!

The nicest part wasn't about the sausages..
it was THE THAI SPICY sauce!!!!
Checked in....
stayed at this nice hotel which I could enjoy seeing 
Bangkok City with some greens ~
Rested the whole afternoon because of the tiring journey 
and at night
I dined in this local restaurant
and ordered my favorite spicy THAI food..
Time for Christmas Eve night out!

To be continued...



  1. 1 looked and I know you're in bangkok already hahahaha

  2. i'm planning to visit to Hua Hin in a month.
    Thank you for your good posting!:D

    1. Welcome Lyla...
      hopefully u find my post informative...because i only post mostly pictures actually~ lol


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