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Thursday, August 22, 2013

24-08-2013 Bong & His Chinese Coursemates

This was our Opening ceremony for autumn 2013.
You may click here if you wanna see more.

But the main purpose of this post is not to blog about the Opening Ceremony
but to introduce you
my f-word chinese friends...
friendly, funny~
From left to right,
lying on the field was An Qi;
then Yang Yang;
and the guy who I blocked half of this head, Xiang Yang.
We thought we followed the right group to the introductory session for the faculty
but since the announcement was all in Norwegian,
we couldn't understand a thing.
And we just followed blindly after asking a few people.
We walked for a number of blocks,
and on our way we found out that we followed the wrong group~
So we followed someone's advice
and went straight back to the university.
At last we were told that master students were not required to join the introductory session~
What a day!
so far I am really glad that I have made such good friends 
in just a short time
Sometimes we also dine together.
I normally cook one dish and join them for dinner.
2 years of master studies..
I am sure it won't be boring because..
they are freaking funny~

Love my f-word friends..

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