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Saturday, August 31, 2013

01-09-2013 Bong & His Mussel Picking

Departed from the bus station at National Theater
From left to right:
An Qi, Mihaela (Romanian), Yang Yang and Xiang Yang
We took bus number 30
and reached the very last station, Huk.
Walked into the forest
and then we reached this sea side
Mihaela started teaching us what shall be picked =)
The best student had to be Ms Yang Yang..
Well prepared with her fisherman boots~
Thumbs up for her!
Besides picking mussels,
of course we never failed to take more pictures of ourselves~
The dog's owner, 
The opposite of this beach is actually a nudity beach
and I only knew it after coming back from there~
That's all for the lovely mussel picking trip~


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