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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

14-08-2013 Bong & His German Housemates

Well, from where I stay,
there is very big lake near by.
So since we were all free last weekend,
my German housemates and I decided to go for a swim
at this BIG Sognsvann Lake
 The water is freezing even though now is still autumn in Oslo
and there was actually sun that day
but I guess the water was still very very cold~

Here is my there German Housemates.
Starting from the most left
-German Guy, Hannes
-German Lady, Anna
-Another German Lady, Mechti (most right)
 Besides swimming in the lake, 
people come here for picnic
 Or forest trekking
At the end only Hannes went into the water
Anna took picture of me at the back...
Caught her!

Mechti was like
 "Are we ready to go back now? it is already 6.30"..
Lastly, a proper group photo at the junction..


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