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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

01-08-2013 Bong & His Kidnap Experience Before Moving (Genting Part 1)

Woke up at 3am..
As per informed by my Kerteh Trio-groupmates~
They agreed to kidnap me to somewhere
for my very last weekend in Kerteh
 Pity Jui Boon who had to drive~
All of us were so damn tired

 The time I woke up..
I realized I did even know where I was...
until they told me 
"Yea it is Genting!"
 Let's the journey begin

 Our faces all looked like we needed rest, didn't we?
 A good hint for going to the casino? 
Hm Hm...

 It was pretty hazy when we were going up
Hopefully it wouldn't cause the outdoor theme park to close

 Right after we checked in,
everyone went straight to the bed to rest~
Come on...we only slept like 4 hours the night before...
 After taking lunch, 
it was time for the main part of the trip
Outdoor Theme Park!
I love carousel! 
The theme park was pretty quiet,
since it was Friday...
 Set a challenge for myself
-Self-taking a picture while trolling in the air-

 Ready? Set! Go!!!!!
 Considered mission accomplished?

To be continued

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