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Thursday, January 9, 2014

09-01-2014 Bong & Korea Twelfth Post (Sometimes, dropping off at the wrong stop can be a good thing)

From Manjang Cave station, 
we took the bus to the next destination...
which was supposed to be Seongsan llchulbong
"Sunrise Peak"
But this wasn't a peak...
Our very good friend + guide
Loh Jui Boon
 told us to drop off at the wrong station
His eyes weren't even open! 
No wonder he would guide us wrongly~
But the good thing was
then we had the chance to visit and take pictures
at this beautiful garden
Mind you...
gotta PAY for entrance fees!
After taking nice pictures at this farm,
we started our walking journey to the Sunrise Peak..
Oh my god
it looked so far!!!
Yet so breathtaking!
Not to forget to try out their famous local specialty!
Sweet and sour meat~
Breathtaking view just from the bottom...
how about climbing it all the way up?
There you see,
it was a LONG way up~
To be continued..



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