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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

12-03-2014 Bong & His Stockholm Trip Part 6 (Royal Palace & Tyska Kyrkan)

After visiting Noble Museum,
We were supposed to watch change of army 
right in front of Royal Palace at 1pm.. 
Pretty cool and organized
wasn't it?

Many tourists were so exciting 
seeing such handsome swedish army~ 
After watching the change of army ceremony,
we visited the Royal Palace
but it was not allowed to take pictures in there...
Next after the Royal Palace,
we visited "Three Kroner" Museum?
No no no, 
it means 'Three Crowns" Museum!
After visiting that royal museum,
we were planning to go back hostel..
but since this Tyska Kyrkan was just on our way
we also went in to have a look~
Tyska Kyrkan 
means German Church in swedish language~
Anqi was taking a picture of a bible??
That's all about 
the Royal Palace and Tyska Kyrkan)

To be continued..

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