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Sunday, March 2, 2014

02-03-2014 Bong & His Copenhagen Trip AGAIN Part 2

After playing a bit with this postcard thingy,
we continued exploring other things~
But most important of all, 
for me was to have lunch buffet at Copenhagen city~
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Then dessert, 
round 4, 5 and 6....
Until I got real full :)
This was the restaurant that we chose.
"You pay for what you have"
So it was just so-so :)
Fall in love with these old colorful buildings~
The similar street name like in Oslo
Pity this statue
Around 3pm,
we were back to the ferry
and Tommy was back to the bar
Time to have nice dinner
Tommy was focused looking at menu
Nice medium cooked steak with superb red wine
What a life~
A bit more drinks in the evening
and that got me...
not to say drunk
yea a bit tipsy may be :)
So time to go back cabin
and sleep.. 

That's how we ended this wonderful trip!


  1. nice u go with Crown,and i miss sjøbein beer


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