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Thursday, March 20, 2014

20-03-2014 Bong & His Stockholm Trip Part 9 (The prettiest subway station? T-Centralen)

It was another sunny day 
of winter
in Stockholm~
Beautiful sky in the morning~
and now we heading to our next destination
the so called
very beautiful subway station~
This 'on the floor' compass
can be seen in most of the underground 
subway stations~
But what is it for?
Finally we reached this T-Centralen station
 decorated with blue theme paintings~
 Next station
with red, brownish kind of theme
 Zoom in
zoooom in~
They are charcoal!
 Compass again
on the floor
 Back into the train
we were on our way to next station
What does it mean by this symbol?
Please pose like that?
 And now we arrived at
Sundbybergs centrum

Themed with human features~
Yang Yang with Ear
 Xiang Yang 
with Nose!
 Yang Yang 
with lips~
 Not to forget,
there are other kind of decorations to~
Love how image of the train
was reflected on the floor~
To be continued..


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