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Thursday, November 13, 2014

13-11-2014 Bong & His Korea Twenty Forth Post (The MYSTERIOUS Road)

Right outside from the Loveland...
it is this Mysterious Road..

and why is it Mysterious?
Let's see if I can explain from 2D
Well from one end of the road...
it looked pretty normal
just straight long road
while the side near to us was slightly uphill~
But when you pour some water on the road
then you see the water starting to flow..
in a certain direction...
.Even with the car's engine off
the car still could move uphill!
that just means...
the road is not as 'flat' as you think it is :)
or it looks~
A video clip here to tell you even more~

After visiting both Loveland & Mysterious Road,
we went sight-seeing the Jeju city area
There is tax free shopping area in Jeju island?
I guess street shopping is more of my kind of thing~
From fresh fruits,
to chocolates
and fresh seafood~
we decided to try out 
the rest of the famous Jeju local food that we haven't tried
for our very last dinner~
Frankly speaking,
I don't remember so much of them now~
But the ginseng chicken & porridge are highly recommended!!!
Next post:

Where Korean drama started to be famous~
Stay tuned..


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