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Thursday, November 20, 2014

20-11-2014 Bong & His Korea Twenty Fifth Post (Winter Sonata @ Namiseom Island)

If you don't go to any famous location
where the famous Korean dramas were filmed,
then your trip to South Korea can never be considered as COMPLETE..
For us, 
we went to the famous Namiseom Island,
which is where the famous Korean drama
"Winter Sonata" 
was filmed..
(Actually I never watched it)
We could choose between 
taking ferry
flying fox to go to the island~
since the weather was not so very good...
we just took the ferry instead~
Bought this stupid looking hat from an old aunty 
in the subway~
Well ~
the best part is this hat can be folded into the kind of shape you want
from farmer hat to cowboy hat... 
or anything else (if you can come out with)
Besides being amazed by the beauty of the island,
we were also having doing silly things
like imitating the cute (or weird) statues we saw~
Finally we reached the most
popular iconic spot of the whole island
which is this pathway~
After doing all those crazy
and energy required stuffs~
it was time to order a lot of food
for starving grown up boys like us!
And after having such wonderful meal...
we continued our sight-seeing on the island~
To be continued...


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