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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

14-01-2015 Bong & His Third DFDS Trip << The End >>

at first I thought it is just a wall for people to write...
or vandalize...(ahha!)
Now I know why it is called a HAPPY wall then~
Then we walked into this 
very unique shop
"All Over The World"~
Basically it sells many kind of cute,
unique yet practical stuffs for home~
After spending almost 6 hours 
walking around in Copenhagen,
we were running out of time to catch the bus to go back to the boat~
So ended up we just took a taxi..
time to say goodbye to the beautiful Copenhagen~
Since we were walking so much,
it was nice to have a buffet to reward ourselves as well~
And then...
hit a couple of drinks at the bar
and night club~
before we headed to bed...
and went back home~
That's all about the Copenhagen boat trip this time
not so much difference from those previous one
yet still very fun!


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