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Monday, January 5, 2015

05-01-2015 Bong & His Third DFDS Trip Part 1

Waking up in a ferry...
and having a simple breakfast,
I was once again on a ferry trip
 to Copenhagen~
They changed the place 
where the bus dropped off~
Thus we were kinda...
lost at first..
But in around 30 minutes, 
we found the right way
and started walking around the 'typical' tourist spots~
I must say we were pretty lucky 
with the good weather as well!
Though it wasn't 20 degrees warm and sunny...
We had at least no snow and big bright sun that day!
The streets were of course..
decorated with Christmas stuffs~
and sales were everywhere....
Suddenly we noticed something
interesting with this hotel~
unlike others who decorated with usual Christmas decorations..
this hotel had "men vs mouses" theme~
Perhaps it was something related to
danish Christmas fairy tale?

Anyone knows?
Stay tuned for more..


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