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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

07-01-2015 Bong & His Third DFDS Trip Part 2

Fairy tale about a girl listening to another fairy tale?
or story about soldiers vs mouses?
Under the bright sun
and cold breeze~
Finally we reached Nyhavn (New harbor)
Though I have been three times to Copenhagen,
it was my first time to visit Nyhavn....
A tourist spot surrounded with colorful facades
and nice boats to sail out to the sea~
After walking a bit at Nyhavn,
we randomly chose a restaurant there named 
"Gasten & Galionen"
to have our lunch~
Since it was the second day of Christmas,
the city was actually pretty quiet...
as most people had gone back to their hometowns for celebrations
and only very little people still remained there for work~
it was a nice lunch..
but lesson learnt is to have some danish cash with you 
since paying foreign credit card will be charged 4.25% bank fee
(That's quite a lot actually!)
To be continued...



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