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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

26-05-2015 Bong & His Trip to Trondheim Part 7 (From Erkebispegården‬ to Bakklandet)

After finished visiting 
the Archbishop's Palace Museum,
we walked a bit more around the Erkebispegården
Then we walked to Baklandet~
Via the old town bridge (Gamle Bybro)
But too bad the bridge was under construction at that time
So the view was not as great as it could be~
but still...
it wasn't that bad~
After passing the old town bridge,
we turned to the right
and went into this kinda old big pub~
"Den Gode Nabo" (The good neighbor) 
Sitting right beside the window,
we could enjoy some sun and
nice scenery of Nidelva (the river)~
And of course...
with some beers too!
Well I guess these are from the old time..
It is impossible to get beer and taxi at these prices anymore 
after drinking beers,
then it was time to walk back to Lars' place
and on our way,
we passed by the famous
beautiful Bakklandet~
Very nice shop...
gallery and garden~
And an old car~

To be continued...

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