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Sunday, March 13, 2016

13-03-2016 Bong & Koh Lipe (The island & Lipe Sunset Forest Resort)

After 1.5 hours of 2-boats trip,
we finally reached Koh Lipe island!
The first impression 
was of course,
the clean see-through water~
We walked through the walking street...
heading to the hotel to check in~
if your English is good,
can you understand this not-so-good English? 
From walking street to
Lipe Sunset Forest,
it took us about 30 minutes walking~
It costed about MYR 400
for a garden room + one extra bed,
and it was inclusive of set breakfast
(not buffet breakfast)
The room was actually rather okay~
Rather spacious...
With aircon & nice bed~
And very nice
"outdoor" experience of taking shower
& using toilet!
The surrounding was nice....
with less than 20 apartments there,
so it was rather quiet and not crowded with tourists~
At night the pathways
were lighted up with some small lights~
So it was kinda cozy~
Another type of room
was slightly more expensive...
and 'modern'
There was also 
free tuk-tuk service
to drive us to everywhere we wanted on the island~
At the entrance of the resort,
there was this 'heart-shaped' tree~
It was about 10 minutes walking,
from the resort 
to the sunset beach~
It was certainly nice for Arne & Andreas
to be away from the cold winter of Norway
and enjoy the warm water~
To be continued...


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