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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

09-03-2016 Bong & Koh Lipe (From boat to boat)

We waited a bit at the pier
and the people working there needed to help us to get into the boat
as the water level was very low that day~
Of course,
there are also rules about the national park
that visitors must follow~
But no stacking up stones?
Finally all was ready...
and we departed from Pakbara Pier!

From fishing boats
to kayak
and sail boat~

there were quite a lot 
to look at 
along the speedboat tour to Koh Lipe~
So good tips is
selecting the seats
near to the back in the speed boat~
After approximately 1 hour,
they took us to this little island...
just to take pictures~
The island itself
has no hotel,
no shops..
So it is very very clean~
You can also choose 
not to leave the speed boat
if you don't feel like going down to the water YET~
After that small trip,
(which I still don't understand what it was for)
finally we reached at another pier...
where we could take another boat
to go to Koh Lipe island~
We had to pay 50 baht per person for the 'transit' boat,
and also 200 baht for entering the national park~
The boat took us to the first place 
at Koh Lipe island,
which seems more secluded & private
may be that is why
there were some nude tourists there?
To be continued...


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