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Sunday, March 20, 2016

20-03-2016 Bong & Koh Lipe (Thai Lady Pancake Shop & Elephant)

We had our lunch
at "Thai Lady Pancake Shop 2"....
which is located kinda near to the 
entrance of the walking street~
We ordered thai fishcake,
papaya salad,
fried squid &
Stir-fried Pork with Basil Leave (Pad Gra Prao)
Overall food was just okay~
except Pad Gra Prao was very good~
The rice served was also not warm and fresh...
But the price was okay, 
considering that we were eating in an island 
where everything must be transported using boat 
from mainland to the island itself~
The next day morning we also ate at
Thai Lady Pancake Shop,
but another one; not the "second" one~
It was actually
the inclusive breakfast from our hotel~
So we got
this set of breakfast...
which was just OK~
remember to eat their pancakes~
We ordered one
with banana and chocolate...Huhu!
And for dinner,
We ate at this western restaurant...
named "Elephant"
The surrounding was good~
and the food was great...
Price was a bit pricey though~

We ordered a burget set
and pizza~
Overall both restaurant are also
Another thing is
if you can eat a lot,
or even 
if u can't eat a lot~
it is also cheap to eat buffet there~
That's all about food review for Koh Lipe~


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