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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

01-03-2016 Bong & Hat Yai Park Part 2

This was the second station
for the trip of Hat Yai Park~ 
It is nice to 
be there to view the scenery~
and of course,
have same wind blowing at us
since it is so damn warm...
Thai Buddha 
in "Monday form" to "Sunday Form"
and a general form~

this temple is 
pretty much similar like other Thai temple~
After that the drive drove us to the last station,
the Guan Yin temple...
Since there are quite a lot of 
chinese staying in Hat Yai,
so they also have chinese temple there~
By looking at the statues
and the temples...
I believe you can already see that that 
Thai and Chineseare rather different...
even though both are Buddhists~ 
Thai has the Buddha in seven days forms,
we Chinese have 12 animal zodiacs...
we paid 700 bahts in total...
for this tuk tuk trip
driving us to all these 3 stations in Hat Yai Park~
The tuk tuk driver waited for us while we were touring around there~
And the whole trip took us almost 3 hours in total.
So it was really worth it~
one funny thing about these places is
there are always some Thai guys who kind of like "paparazzi"...
taking picture of you without u knowing,
then trying to sell to you ~
May be 
that's the only time in my life I ever felt like a celebrity~



  1. 哇塞!这个地方我去过哦,不错的,只是很热,要注意防晒....

    1. i dont understand why thailand is much hotter than malaysia, even though it is more north than malaysia


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