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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

24-01-2017 Bong & Lounges

After having breakfast at OSL Lounge,
we took flight to Doha,
and had our first transit
and second lounge to experience with~
As Silver Privilege Club member,
we were entitled to use Business Class Lounge at Doha Airport~
the food selection was slightly better than in OSL Lounge.
And of course,
wine, alcohol was also provided there~
But not that much places to sit
since it was a lot of people transiting there~
You can sleep there
if you have a long transit...
Facilities include showers, family rooms, etc etc.

Our way from Doha to Bangkok
was really a bit surprise!
It started with us walking into this two floors flight~
(Qatar A380)
Then we were also told that
we would be sitting on the second floor!!
(Though not business class, but very close)
So after the nice 5-6 hours flight,
we landed at Bangkok~
Our flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai
was operated by Bangkok Airways...
We were also entitled to use
Bangkok Airways lounge during the transit~
The food was also OK~
But not that much variety
and NO alcohol at all~
1 hour transit
some food,
some coffee and tea~
Then we were on our way to Chiang Mai!


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