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Sunday, February 19, 2017

19-02-2017 Bong & From Staying at Kuala Lumpur & Sepang to Trip to Myanmar!

The first apartment 
we rented room at Kuala Lumpur this time is 
Betty Roux Endwellment House at Bukit Bintang~
The apartment was just okay...
Okay bathroom,
Okay kitchen...
the best thing about it is its location~
(at Bukit Bintang, near to Jalan Changkat)
After that,
before we took our flight from KLIA2 to Alor Setar,
we stayed one night at 
The YouniQ Hotel since the flight was early in the morning~
(This pic taken from their website)
Everything was quite okay there~
And they also provide shuttle service
to and from airport with very reasonable price...
Then before we flew to Yangon from Kuala Lumpur,
we also stayed 'one night'
(more precisely 6 hours)
at the Capsule Container Hotel
at KLIA2~
My sister Coleen & my mum,
Arne and I each had a mixed container room
while Lars and my daddy stayed at this capsule~
We got a bag with towel (must be returned),
a bottle of water, tooth brush and tooth paste...
plus ear plugs (Upon request at reception)
And advice for taking shower is...
go to the shower room at gender-separated dorm instead of the one at mixed dorm (pic above)
because those separated one (pic below) are much bigger!
After the 5 hours of sleep,
and 2.5 hours of fight...
we finally landed at Yangon!!
We first took a taxi
to Inya Lake...
It was 9 am in the morning
and according to the taxi driver, 
it was the traffic rush hour.
But after a few more taxi ride
we then realized that...
there is no specific rush hour in Yangon...
because it feels like 24 - 7 traffic rush hour there~

To be continued...


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